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Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the teeth farthest back in your jaw. Some people are born without third molars. For the rest of us, these wisdom teeth may cause problems requiring their removal.

The experienced and caring dentists at Dental Zone Mountain View monitor the health of your entire mouth, including wisdom teeth.

Why Wisdom Teeth Often Need to be Extracted

Many people with wisdom teeth will ultimately experience issues related to them:

Not enough room for the wisdom teeth. These teeth may need to be extracted if there is not enough room in the jaw and mouth for them to grow. The jaw is oftentimes too small to accommodate these extra molars. When there is not enough room, they may stay hidden beneath the jawbone or beneath the gums. They may erupt only partially, with a tip or side of the tooth visible above the gums.

They can’t grow straight. If wisdom teeth cannot erupt properly, there may be no chance of getting them properly aligned. They may be difficult to clean and may not be adding anything to your ability to chew or to enjoy a well-aligned bite.

They are partially emerged. When wisdom teeth partially emerge through the gums, they are difficult to clean. The angle of the teeth may create difficult-to-floss gum pockets or the gum tissue may lay like a flap over part of the tooth. This gum tissue can become a perfect spot for bacteria to dwell, which frequently leads to decay, abscessed teeth and gum infection.

Surrounding teeth are being crowded or damaged. When there is not enough room for the wisdom teeth, they can potentially damage the teeth next to them as they encroach on them.

A cyst or abscess may form beneath a wisdom tooth. Impacted wisdom teeth – those that remain stuck beneath the gums – may develop cysts. Tooth roots and surrounding bone can be damaged if the problem is not treated.

The skilled dentists at Dental Zone Mountain View are committed to your complete dental health. As our dental patient, your wisdom teeth will be monitored during your regular dental visits. As they emerge, we will assess their position and inform you of your options for maintaining great dental health.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

You and our dentists may decide that removing the wisdom teeth is the best way to address any pain, discomfort, bite misalignment or inability to clean the third molars. Teens and young adults may have these teeth removed, as the teeth can be easier to remove and the recovery can be tolerated quite well at this age. Many adults undergo the procedure as well, particularly if they begin to experience any issues related to their wisdom teeth.

The extraction procedure involves removing one or more of the third molars. Some people choose to have all four removed at once, even if they are currently experiencing problems with only one of the teeth. Doing so means avoiding the need for any repeat wisdom tooth extractions in the future.

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Meet Mountain View Dentist Dr. John Wayland

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John Wayland DDS, FAGD
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Sedation, Dental Implants & Wisdom Teeth Removal
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Dr. Wayland has removed more than 40,000 impacted third molars, including germectomies, with IV sedation. As specialists, you see many teens that could benefit greatly from our service.

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